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Guggi for Oracle Version 2.1.0 released....Guggi for Oracle Version 2.1.0 released....Guggi for Oracle Version 2.1.0 released....

Impact Solutions is a software and services company specializing in software development and database technologies. Established in February 2001, Impact Solutions has provided consulting services to clients in pharmaceutical, life sciences, retail, health insurance, government, engineering consulting and financial industries in the area of data warehousing technology, database architecture, database development, database administration, data and system architecture, and software development.

Impact Solutions provides services with highest level of commitment, reliability, quality and affordability. As a result, the company has enjoyed repeat business.

Impact Solutions has recently launched several database development and administration tools under the line of products called Guggi. These products - Guggi for Oracle and Guggi for DB2 - help database developers, administrators, and business analysts work with Oracle and DB2 databases. The tools connecting to various databases will eventually be consolidated into one tool.



Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. DB2 is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.

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